Cruxtel Ltd provides a combination of services that span the mobile network lifecycle. During the design, roll-out and optimisation phase we can deliver senior resources to provide advisory services. For the data collection, post processing and benchmarking phase we can provide a one stop solution for all your data needs, providing you with the ability to identify and manage network service related issues.

Defining processes and toolsets:

  • Identifying coverage holes and uplift areas.
  • Using planning tools / local knowledge for site placement.
  • Interfacing with acquisition and site providers.
  • Identifying MSA (Multi Site Agreement) and willing Landlords.
  • Producing Site Selection Packs with traffic light rating system.
  • Attending MSV’s (Multi Site Visit).
  • Attending site meeting with challenging site providers / local councilors / members of the public.
  • Verifying drawings and instructing detailed designs.
  • Creating databuild packs for site integrations.
  • Analysing drive / walk test data and site statistics to ensure integrated sites are adhering to KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).
  • Performing cluster optimisation.
  • Dimensioning the network to ensure capacity is fully optimised.
  • Using statistical data to improve customer experience of the network.
  • Ensuring no outside interference impacts on the network.
  • Monitoring alarms and instructing diagnostics on site issues.
  • Frequency / Code Planning.
  • Benchmarking to identify existing networks coverage areas and performance.